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For many years our activity has been focused on running the R&D department. Continuous improvements made to the composition of the GreenBond adhesives have led our laboratory team to the day when the formaldehyde-free wood-based materials made with our adhesives meet all technical and environmental standards. GreenBond stands for only natural ingredients, an innovative system whose goal is to minimize the negative impact on the environment at every stage of production and use of wood-based materials, but also an innovative business model in which ecology translates into profit.
We constantly validate our efforts by undertaking cooperation with renowned scientific and research units in the country and abroad, which results in our obtaining further quality certificates. We also actively participate in scientific and industry conferences where we get a chance to present and validate the results of our research and tests against the current state of knowledge in our industry.

Our chemists Ania and Paula took an active part in the conference „Innovative ideas of young scientists: Science – Startup – Industry”, which took place on 22-23.05. 2019 at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The organizers invited young PhD student researchers to present innovative solutions of scientific (research), technical, organizational, financial and marketing nature, with the goal of developing and implementing new or improved products, processes and management and sales systems. The development and implementation of innovations is currently the subject of extensive discussions both at the EU forum (plans to create a new EU institution – the European Innovation Council) and in Poland (where the Innovation Council has been established, with the goal of, among others, coordinating pro-innovation policy instruments).

Therefore, we could not miss it because this description fits perfectly with the activities of the entire Sestec group.
The main organizer of the meeting was IATI (Instytut Autostrada Technologii i Innowacji) and the conference was organized as part of the Impact’19 Congress.
On May 22, Ania and Paula presented a paper entitled „Development of a formaldehyde-free binder for cellulose-containing materials which can be used in today’s modern manufacturing facilities” at the „Environmental Protection, Power Engineering and Mechanics” session. The committee, composed of Prof. Zygmunt Kowalski, PhD. Eng., Prof. Em. IGSMiE PAN Pietrzyk-Sokulska, PhD, rated the paper very highly and obtained the highest note.

In accordance with the principles of the already fifth edition of the conference „Innovative ideas of young scientists: Science – Startup – Industry”, the abstract of the paper will be available in the conference materials, and the submitted papers are recommended for publication in scientific journals.

Congratulations to the authors 🙂