Certyfikat Zrównoważonego Rozwoju

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We are pleased to announce that we have received another certificate confirming that GreenBond technology fully meets the principles of sustainable development, achieving a rating of 3.3 on a four-point scale.

AGIMUS Environmental Concepts GmbH performed an assessment of the compliance of the „GreenBond E-0” adhesive with the principles of sustainable development. The study considered the entire product life cycle and its on-site production, including the following stages:
• origin of the raw material,
• production process,
• transport,
• use phase,
• „end of life”.

Criterion of renewability (materials and raw materials):
• Can the raw materials used come from renewable crops?
• Can the raw materials used be recycled?
• Are the recycled materials from a source that has a positive impact on sustainable development?
• Are depletable or non-renewable raw materials used?

The criterion of resource efficiency:
• Does the production process involve energy saving compared to the production of traditional binders?
• Is the production process associated with material saving compared to the production of traditional binders?
• Does the product contain primarily recyclable materials from waste, by-products and recyclates?

The criterion of not burdening the environment and ecosystems:
• Does sourcing of materials burden the environment and ecosystems?
• Is the selection of suppliers possible in accordance with the principle of proximity?
• Is the transported quantity of the product smaller or the distance shorter compared to the production of traditional binders?
• Are substances harmful to the climate or the environment released during the use phase?
• Can the product be disposed of without releasing toxic substances or can the wood be reused as wood waste not belonging to the hazardous waste class?

Honesty Criterion:
• Is remuneration for employees of supply and customer companies fair?
• Excluding the use of child labor or forced labor by suppliers.

Criterion of economic adequacy and prosperity:
• What effect does the product have on the well-being of all customers and suppliers?
• Are cultures or countries exploited to obtain materials?


Scale: from 0 „not fulfilled”, 1 „partly fulfilled”, 2 „largely fulfilled”, 3 „fully fulfilled” to 4 „reference standard” in relation to the product’s impact on sustainable development.

The final conclusions of the assessment state that GreenBond E-0 is a suitable and important alternative to conventional binders. From the radar chart it can be seen that in all five areas, compared to conventional adhesives, the principles of sustainable development are fully met, thus the product, achieving the average total number of points 3.3, fully meets the criteria of sustainable development.