Earth Overshoot Day

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Earth Overshoot Day took place on July 29 2019!

This means that from today (30/07/2019) the whole world lives on ecological debt, we use up nature 1.75 times faster than it can be replenished. And we use more and more. Of course, this is average data. Record holders in Qatar increase their debt to the planet on February 10, in Poland on May 19. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Ecuador have their resources until December 14.



Estimating Earth Overshoot Day is based on two scientific concepts: the ecological footprint and the biological potential of Earth for regeneration (biocapacity). In other words, DDE is estimating the amount of hectares of land and sea surface needed to regenerate resources used for consumption and absorption of waste. We have been increasing our debt to the planet successively since 1971 – we use more than the planet can regenerate. Therefore, it is necessary to take radical actions that will reverse this negative trend and we must all get involved. Both private individuals and entrepreneurs. [1], [2]



For years environmental organizations have recommended a change in behavior which can stop the degradation of our planet. This means that we must stop the robbery economy of our resources and change our habits by, among others:

  • elimination of pollution and greenhouse gases,
  • increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy balance,
  • fishing reduction,
  • cessation of deforestation,
  • changing the way you travel every day (bicycle, public transport, electric cars),
  • stopping food waste and waste production,
  • increasing awareness of environmental threats.

At the core of our Group’s activities is taking action that is focused on protecting the environment. That’s why:

  • we work only with natural, renewable (or fast-renewable) and biodegradable raw materials. We rely on the optimal use of resources;
  • we eliminated formaldehyde,
  • we protect drinking water resources. For the production of our adhesives, you can use salt, polluted or rainwater;
  • we reduce energy consumption both at the glue preparation stage and in the production of wood-based panels;
  • we eliminate unnecessary transport, thereby CO2 emissions;

We believe that a greener world is possible and optimal solutions can be found in every area of ​​life. We hope that the entire wood-based materials industry will join us in the # movethedate * movement and our ecological debt will be lower each year.

* # MoveTheData is an initiative to postpone Earth Overshoot Day to December 31, 2050 (or earlier). Institutions, public figures and ordinary citizens declare their ecological goals and commitment to their implementation in social media.
The wood-based materials industry with a minimal ecological footprint is possible – This is our goal.

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