10.2017 - The SESTEC© group is planning to open a technical research laboratory in northern Germany, details coming soon.

Due to continuous cooperation with research centers in Germany, the Sestec Group has decided to open a portable operating laboratory in northern Germany to support ongoing research with German universities and research institutes. The anticipated commencement of the works is scheduled for December 2017.

09.2017 - We started cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology.

Ecology, polymerization, renewable resources, natural materials - these are the key concepts which have attracted attention from day one of our work on the adhesive formula. The Sestec Group has been working with the Silesian University of Technology to strengthen the areas which are crucial from the perspective of Sestec's concept of adhesive production. The collaboration aims at "tuning up" the binder and optimizing the technical parameters.

08/09.2017 - Start of cooperation with Fridrich-Alexander Universität Wrlangen-Nurnberg and the Humbolt Universität

Thanks to cooperation with these renowned universities we want to use nanotechnology, which is a new field of study, for further work on our adhesive. More tests are underway. A new thematic group is being formed.

08.2017 - We have completed our second successful round of multi-product trials using GreenBond adhesives. The trials were conducted in one of the plants producing wood-base boards in Poland.

The results after the first tests were interesting enough to carry on with further tests. The implementation tests which were run provided the possibility of checking various settings of production parameters, from humidity, glue quantity, temperature, speed to additional settings available on this production line. These tests also included additional modifications to the adhesive formula. As in the case of the first tests, the trials will be carried out parallelly by two laboratories, the manufacturer.s and Sestec.s.

06.2017 - The first fully successful multi-production trials! The next few weeks will be spent on tests, analyses, research, drawing of conclusions, and preparation for future tests.

Based on the agreement reached in January, the Sestec Group conducted the first large-scale industrial tests on a full-scale production line. The tests consisted in using GreenBond binder in standard production environments. Throughout the day when the tests were run, identical production parameters were used as in the case of the production of boards manufactured on the basis of UF/MUF resin. After seasoning, the boards produced on this day will be tested according to the relevant regulations and standards of both the external and internal manufacturers of the boards. The tests will be conducted in parallel at the manufacturer's laboratory and the Sestec laboratory.

01.2017 - Beginning of cooperation with one of the leading wood processing companies in Europe.

Hundreds of trials, thousands of tests, hundreds of boards produced, dozens of samples of different adhesive recipes, dozens of different materials tested still make for insufficient information to fully market our solution. We have been looking for support in the field of glue testing in large industrial environments. We have found this support at one of the leading wood processors, and finalized it in a form of a signed contract.

Now before the Sestec Group lie several months of hard preparation for testing. Solutions are needed for many aspects related to both the adhesive and the technical and logistic side of preparation of the appropriate quantities needed to carry out the tests.

11.2016 - Sestec team is joined by Dr. Kurt Nonninger, former head of research and development at Pfleiderer AD / BC West

Dr. Nonninger's experience and knowledge gained during his career will pave the way for our team's research - warm welcome aboard.

08.2016 - Sestec Poland starts cooperation with Wroclaw University of Technology.

The complexity of the investigated problems and the wide scope of the research program demand professional support from scientists from the field of chemistry and machine construction. After a few months of talks, a cooperation agreement was signed and thematic teams led by professors from the Wrocław University of Technology were formed.

06.2016 - SESTEC© Group opens its first, Europe's largest innovative research and development center in southern Poland.

Intensification of work, the need to increase the number of trials and the related tests were the basis for deciding to open own research and development center.

The Center has been designed and equipped to simulate all possible industrial conditions of production so that the laboratory results are as close as possible to production results. The laboratory is equipped with a complete, miniaturized line for processing and wood preparation for the production of wood-based panels.

One of the main requirements for creating the center was the ability to ensure the repeatability of all tests and trials conducted, as well as the possibility of uniformization of standards with the largest producers of wood-based panels.