The condition under which raw materials can be used in our formulas is that they do not upset the ecological balance and can be renewed in a short period of time. It is also crucial that the raw materials are not classified as poisonous or that they are classified as CMR free, i.e. are not carcinogenic or mutagenic (toxic for reproduction).

Our choice of all components focused naturally on areas of renewable and natural resources, but also on the possibility of proportionate use of strictly defined recycled materials and harmless natural waste from various industries.

We only use raw materials which are already available. We develop adhesives whose production does not require inventing or creating new materials or substances, so we don not strain the environment in which we live.

All our raw materials are classified as harmless. They are used mainly in such industries as production of animal feed, and cosmetic and paper industry. Most of the raw materials are residues derived from prior industrial processes, which are often used only as combustion energy carriers in industrial furnaces.

A considerable part of our raw materials are by-products of the food and processing industry, and therefore they are harmless to living organisms, and because these raw materials are derived from large industrial processes, they are available in sufficient quantities to produce the adhesive according to the formulas of the SESTEC© Group.

From the principle of recycling, which states that the so-called "material recycling" takes precedence over energy recycling, the existence of very high quantitative availability of all these raw materials can be inferred.