In the opinion of the Sestec Group, the current mode of supplying adhesives is economically and ecologically adverse.

Every day several tanks of raw material arrive at manufacturing plants producing wood-based materials. Cars often go long distances, unnecessarily transporting up to 40% of water.

In cooperation with a renowned machinery manufacturer, we developed a personalized installation which solves this problem.

The optimum solution for producers of wood-based materials would be to install an adhesive production system which is scaled to suit the volume of production (e.g. MDF) directly at the production site. Thanks to this, own production of dedicated types of adhesives will be possible using the "just in time" production system.

The advantage of our solution is the modular design of the installation, which makes it possible to adjust its performance to the actual adhesive production needs. It is also easy to move and install in a new location.

The installed system is able to produce from 1 to 6 tonnes of ready-made glue per hour. The main production line module occupies an area of 100 m2 (without the big bag unloading stations, storage tanks, silos and storage tanks for finished products).

No part of the production process requires additional heat, therefore electricity consumption is only approx. 40 to 175 kWh, depending on the type of adhesive produced, which account for considerable reduction, in comparison with production of formaldehyde-based resins, that requires large amount of energy for multiple polycondensation processes.

The data shown is for the basic module model. We offer individual solutions for every customer, tailored to their needs, therefore, the parameters of the installation may differ from the presented.