The SESTEC© Group pursues a long-term, stable and constructive business strategy. Maintaining and improving the competitiveness of our Clients and improving the safety of our employees in wood processing plants are essential for our Company. Through the implementation of the above philosophy and business strategy, the SESTEC© Group is focused on the long-term success of its clients, and hence of the success of the Group companies.

In a nutshell - the goal of our entire Group is to create long-term, positive changes in many areas of our clients' businesses.

Excluding the strictly technical side of the possible improvements and the technological benefits resulting from the use of our adhesives as compared to formaldehyde resins used in the manufacture of wood-based panels, the SESTEC© project offers significant savings in the purchasing costs due to the manufacturing of the adhesive on-site at the production plant where wood-based materials are manufactured.

Therefore, our aim to implement an individual, independent installation for the production of adhesives in plants producing wood-based materials constitutes a significant part of the SESTEC© project. The efficiency of such an installation, thanks to its modular design, can be customized, because we can flexibly and easily tailor it to the needs of each customer. The installation will be operated by the Client according to their ongoing needs on the basis of the information provided by SESTEC© know-how.

The benefits of using the GreenBond™ adhesives:

  • Own raw material economy - the purchase of raw materials for the production of adhesives is undertaken by the customer himself.

  • Significant reduction in transportation costs . nowadays the glue is shipped to each customer by trucks, thus about 40% of the water contained in the glue is transported over long distances. According to our assumption, only loose materials and concentrates will be transported, which should result in at least 30% reduction in costs.

  • Waste reduction - only the amount of glue which will be needed at a given moment will be prepared.

  • Reduction in energy costs - because the process of glue formation is only associated with different types of mixing of components, instead of energy-intensive condensation processes as in the case of UFH glue, the whole process allows a significant reduction of energy consumption.

  • Reduction of Disposal Costs - the waste generated in the process of wood preparation in the form of process water, condensate and other liquid production waste may, after prior technical examination, be reused (e.g. condensate from the drying process, or water after installation flushing).

  • No problems with the time of use - the storage time of prepared 1K glue - one-component GreenBond™ is several months.

  • Long so-called "open time" . the possibility of reuse of wood (fibers or chips) mixed with adhesive is several days.

  • Easy to clean - GreenBond™ unpolimerised resin easily dissolves in water so that machines and installations can be easily cleaned.